No Spanx You!


I recently had a great positive body image lesson. The holidays were filled with social gatherings and wearing lots of fancy clothes. I live for this stuff! For me, this has historically included ‘smoothing things out’ with a firm foundation garment. Spanx have been my foundation garment of choice for years. However, I recently made the radical decision to ‘be free’. I had a party to go to and I really wanted to enjoy myself without worrying about looking perfect. So, I went to my first event without my Spanx security. Initially, I was nervous and concerned about how things would turn out. To my surprise, it was FANTASTIC!!  I danced, ate, laughed and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I didn’t have to adjust myself once and I went to the bathroom in record time. No one seemed to notice my lumpy, bumpy profile. The most important lesson was that I focused my energy on the experience and not making sure every fold and roll I naturally have was tucked neatly into place. I will likely wear Spanx again at some point in my life. However, it was exciting to realize that they are not a vital component to looking beautiful and having a great time doing it.  In 2018 I am going to unapologetically do what feels good and enjoy every moment of it. Clearly, I’m not alone in my radical Spanx break up.  Check out this great article by Jordan Baker Watts:    Thanks,But no Spanx

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